Babassu oil. Care for high porosity hair

Babassu oil is recommended for treating high porosity hair. Why? Once getting to know basic information about the oil and what are the needs of high porosity hair, then it will become obvious, why these two create an inseparable pair.

High porosity hair, together with medium porosity and low porosity ones, are the three basic types of hair. High porosity strands are defined as ultra damaged, distressed and extremely dehydrated. Moreover, this kind of hair is characterized by its tendency to frizz, static as it is rough to the touch. Hair cuticles are wide open which makes hair prompt to absorb substances like water or cosmetics. Furthermore, high porosity hair’s distinctive feature are split ends. Basically, this kind of hair is stiff, does not set well and its look is worsened after blow drying, strengthening or dyeing. In most cases, high porosity hair has a form of waves or curls.

How should high porosity hair be treated? The best effects are obtained thanks to oil hair treatment with the use of not only oils but also cosmetic butters. And one of such products that brings help to fatigued strands is babassu oil. Why is this very cosmetic expected to improve condition of a hairdo? Simply because babassu oil is dedicated to this particular hair type. It contains plenty of fatty acids and vitamins, which take care of high porosity hair in the right way. Moreover, the product has strong moistening and nourishing action, prevents hair and keratin loss as well as protects hair during hairdresser’s treatments (when hot air used). It can be also used straight before exposing hair to the sun – it will shield hair against UV radiation.

How to apply babassu oil? The cosmetic can be used for day-to-day hair and scalp care. The product smooths strands, makes combing easier, accelerates drying hair out as it prevents tangling. Moreover, babassu oil can be used as a care hair mask. The cosmetic has to be applied on dry hair. After 20 minutes, scalp and hair have to be washed using, if it is possible, a SLS-free shampoo. For obtaining better results, it is suggested leaving babassu oil on overnight, and shampoo hair right in the morning. Thanks to this, babassu oil will regenerate and protect hair ends against splitting, dehydration as well as mechanical or chemical damages. For that reason, the oils has to be applied to ends and left until absorbed completely.

What else should be known about babassu oil? For example, babassu oil is obtained from nuts of Babassu palm tree (also known as Attalea speciosa) that grows in South America. This cosmetic has a form of butter of white colour and a characteristic aroma. At low temperatures, the product gets solid whereas in higher ones, the cosmetic becomes a semi-liquid and colourless oil. Babassu oil should be cold pressed and stay non-refined. Only in this way, it will preserve its features and nourishing substances.