Beautiful Hair – Power and Nutrients with Babassu Butter

Babassu butter is a natural oil in a solid form. It melts at the temperature 24-30°C. It comes from tropical rainforests of South America. Thanks to a huge quantity of nutrients (vitamins and minerals), it outclasses the popular coconut oil. It is more nutritional and better absorbed.

Babassu butter is composed of saturated fatty acids in 90% (mostly lauric acid) so it is ideal for low porosity hair. Tiny particles that make up babassu butter match the structure of thick and heavy low porosity hair. The butter provides hair with maximum nourishment without weighing down. It also takes care of the scalp by controlling sebum secretion, gently conditioning and removing toxins.

Babassu oil delivers shine and smoothness, protects from the sunlight, eases styling and brushing, increases elasticity, boosts body and shields from destruction.

It is worth including in the daily hair care. You should reach out for hair products containing this precious oil. The article presents most valuable cosmetics enriched with babassu butter.

Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair, 100 ml


Nanoil for low porosity hair the best in hair careThe blend of top-quality natural oils gives the best hair care you can dream of. Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair offers everything that heavy, thick, volumeless and difficult-to-style hair needs. Apart from babassu butter, the product contains 8 prestigious oils that nourish your hair, keep it healthy without unwanted weighing down. Nanoil Hair Oil is quickly absorbed, conditions, beautifies and lifts the roots. Thanks to extraordinary ingredients, it boosts growth and stops hair loss. Nanoil is the only product that corresponds to hair structure (porosity). As a result, hair gets the substances that are really necessary for healthy growth. None of the components is random. What is more, the cosmetic is free of parabens, silicones and other comedogenic substances. It is a great product that reaches the needs of your hair. It repairs, nourishes and beautifies.

John Masters Organics intensive conditioner, lavender, avocado, babassu, 207 ml


john-masters-organics-lavender-avocadoA hair oil is a basis for conscious hair care but you should also invest in a good quality conditioner that is free of comedogenic substances, has very few parabens and silicones. It should also have as many natural and nutritional ingredients as possible. Make sure it won’t weigh your low porosity hair down. John Masters Organics conditioner with lavender, avocado and babassu butter is an example of such a product. It comes in a handy plastic tube. The conditioner is quite runny and easy-to-apply. The aroma is beautiful. The product conditions both low and medium porosity hair. It can revive hair ends, reinforce your hair, add softness without overburdening. You won’t have problems with washing it off.

Alfaparf Lisse Design Keratin Refill Milk, 100 ml


alfaparf-lisse-design-keratin-therapySpray milk with babassu butter. It is designed for fans of straight hair (ideal after keratin treatment) or for all women who need to nourish their hair (thanks to babassu butter in large quantities). Alfaparf milk comes with a handy atomiser that allows for quick application anytime, even several times a day. It has a nice fragrance and does not weigh hair down. It is also suitable for ladies whose hair has lost its condition. The milk with babassu butter replenishes keratin on hair surface thus smooths the strands, intensifies shine and adds softness.

Splend’Or Almond, Macadamia and Babassu, 300 ml


splendor-balsamThis nourishing hair balm has an exotic aroma. It is a combination of babassu butter and macadamia oil that is already valued and popular in cosmetics. Macadamia oil excellently conditions your hair and protects it from high temperature (it is often included in heat protectants). Splend’Or balm also contains almond oil that works in a delicate way. It conditions and cleanses your scalp very well and removes various irritations. Babassu butter delivers lots of vitamins and minerals, brings out the intense shade of your strands, illuminates them and prevents dehydration caused by the harmful blistering sun. You apply the balm to damp hair, leave in for a few minutes and wash off thoroughly. After such a treatment, it is advisable to use a good-quality hair oil that will provide protection and the internal nourishment without weighing hair down.