What is babassu oil?

Babassu oil is extracted form a Brazilian palm tree of the very same name. Generally, it is cold pressed, which means, it is non-refined. When it comes to babassu oil’s physical features, it has a form of white and soft butter, and the melting temperature averages 25°C. Above that temperature, babassu oil transforms into a transparent liquid. What is more, the cosmetic contains 70% fats, including mono-, bi-, and tri-unsaturated fatty acids. Precisely because of presence of these substances, babassu oil acts as a natural sunscreen, and has antibacterial and antiseptic working.

Babassu oil is a frequently used ingredient of cosmetics designed for dry and sensitive skin care. When used in low concentration, it is not expected to trigger any irritations nor blackheads (it is worth pointing out that products containing high amount of oils might be comedogenic). It is recommended as a preparation that can be used for body massage, eliminating either stretch marks or cellulite, providing deep moisturization and wrinkles smoothing. It can replace Shea or coca butter successfully. What is more, babassu oil is also used for composing colour cosmetics. It can be found in lipsticks and products for eyebrow styling. When used to such products, it does not only make the application easier but also provides hydration.

Many hair and scalp care products contain babassu oil. It is commonly used as an ingredient of shampoos, hair masks and conditioners. It facilitates combing, prevents split ends and moisture loss. What is more, this natural product softens hair and makes them more nourished. Babassu oil can be used for oil hair treatment. It improves condition of strands as it counteracts excessive hair loss and brittleness. Additionally, it can be used as as a cosmetic helping out with eliminating skin ailments, such as dandruff, excessive sebum production and itchiness. Furthermore, the product creates a coat that shields strands against hot temperature produced by hair styling devices. What is more, it protects strands against urban pollution such as air pollution or dust.

Best products with babassu oil

How should babassu oil be applied? The product has to be applied to hair, starting form middle-lengths. Double dosage can be put on hair ends, if needed. It is advised against applying babassu oil to scalp since it might encourage sebaceous glands to produce greater amounts of sebum. Before application, it is recommended to warm up the oil on palms of the hands just to make putting on process easier and to make all strands be coated with the natural product evenly.